Dr. George Whiteside and staff are proud to provide BOTOX Cosmetic.

Age, sun, and stress can all contribute to facial lines and wrinkles which can deepen over time, making us look less than rested. Some of these lines can now be minimized, and in some cases erased, thanks to the help of BOTOX Cosmetic!

BOTOX Cosmetic is an FDA approved prescription injection that is virtually painless and is very effective in the relaxation of specific muscles. This controlled relaxation inhibits our ability to contract muscles that lead to deep lines and wrinkles. BOTOX has been approved for use in minimizing frown lines between the eye brows, but can be used in other areas as well, such as in the forehead, Bunny lines, and Crow's feet.

Research has suggested that long term use of the injections leads to a longer duration of each treatment's effects. Patients over 65 may not experience such dramatic results.

The photo below shows a BEFORE photo of Dr Whiteside's patient who had wrinkles between the eye brows.



Two weeks after BOTOX was used, the photo shows the elimination of the wrinkles between the eyebrows.



The photo below shows the forehead of the same patient before BOTOX.



Two weeks after BOTOX was used, the forehead wrinkles were eliminated!


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Dr Whiteside will mark the areas on the face to be treated and digital photos are taken in order to determine the amount of improvement after BOTOX placement.

The effects can be seen within days and can last up to 4-6 months! Most common side effects with BOTOX Cosmetic are: bruising, tenderness and/or swelling to the treated area. These side effects are temporary and resolve within days. Occasionally, eyelid droop may be seen after injection. This is caused by migration of the solution directly after injection. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after treatment.


1.    When will I see results from a BOTOX Cosmetic treatment?

It typically takes up to one week to see the effects after BOTOX treatment. Some patients see results as early as four days.


2.    Is there anything I need to tell my doctor?

Any illness, adverse reactions to certain medications, pregnancy status, medical conditions, medications prescribed and taken, and allergies should be given to your medical professionals.


3.    Will I still be able to make facial expressions?

Yes, you will still be able to make facial expressions. The treatment only limits the movement of specific muscles that are targeted. The limited action of these muscles will prevent wrinkle formation but not limit facial expression.


4.    What will happen to the frown lines between my brows if I choose not to continue treatments?

The frown lines will continue as before treatment.


5.    Do treatment results differ?

Depending upon the medical professional performing the treatment and the quantity of BOTOX used, treatment results can vary. Make sure to get treatment from a certified injector with exquisite training.


6.    What can I expect from BOTOX Cosmetic treatment?

After treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic, the elimination of wrinkles and lines in your forehead, glabella region (between the eye brows), and around the eyes should be expected. This helps give you a more youthful appearance.